At Medical Outfitters, we provide great service and asset management for your capital medical imaging equipment . Our comprehensive expertise in all major OEM imaging systems allows us to service all imaging modalities. Whether it’s service, refurbished systems, or parts you need, our approach is hands-on. We are authorized sales and service dealers for Quantum Medical, Carestream as well as many other OEMs.

Service Modalities

  • MRI Service
  • CT Service
  • PET CT Service

Keeping imaging suites fully operational requires quality equipment and dependable support.The advantages or working with Medical Outfitters include:

  • The value of an after-market provider
  • The delivery of expert service at a lower cost than the OEM
  • Emergency Liquid Helium Service for your MRI System
  • One vendor to call for your CT and MRI needs, including cold heads, compressors, coils and tubes
  • Access to one of the most extensive inventories of after-market GE, Philips and Siemens CT, PET-CT and MRI parts
  • We offer parts and service for your Carestream System

Our Services Include:

Full Service Agreements

Not only will you save 20% to 30% over OEM agreements with a Medical Outfitters Full Service Agreement, you’ll receive the highest quality service possible. Our Field Service Engineers are some of the most tenured in molecular imaging, averaging 25+ years experience. All are factory-trained and certified.

  • Flexible plans to meet your needs
  • Medical Outfitters provides completely customizable plans that let you specify service parameters in order to meet your exact service needs and budget requirements:
  • Response time (as fast as 4 hours)
  • Service hours (as late as 9 pm local time on “down” systems)
  • Uptime guarantee (as high as 98%)
  • Number of preventative maintenance visits

Full Service Agreement customers enjoy priority access to our support/service network:

  • Clinical Support with direct access to Senior Clinical Specialists…no frustrating phone delays
  • Clinical Support with coast-to-coast time zone coverage (8am-8pm ET/5am-5pm PT)
  • Live 24×7 Technical Support
  • Remote diagnostics
Preventative Maintenance

Avoid disruption to your imaging practice and your patients’ schedules with proactive, preventative maintenance by Medical Outfitters. Preventative maintenance is performed by our nationwide service force, featuring the industry’s most tenured Field Service Engineers (FSEs) who average 16+ years experience.  Medical Outfitters offers flexible scheduling that will allow preventative maintenance to be completed outside of your normal operating hours, helping you maximize uptime.

CT & MRI Maintenance Services

Learn how you can bring your organization high-quality maintenance services that will exceed your expectations – and for less money than you would pay for OEM services.

CT & MRI Service Agreements

Discover how you can bring your organization to a new level of clinical performance with our complete maintenance services. Service Agreements include coverage on cold heads, compressors, lines, helium fills and remote monitoring to avoid damage to the system and reduce the chance of cryogen loss.

Equipment Installation, De-installation, and Relocation

We can performs equipment moves, installations and de-installations of your CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT, SPECT, SPECT/CT or Nuclear Medicine system in less time and with less cost.  Our experienced and trained installation team, has the right tools and equipment, the knowledge , and the experience to perform a safe and fast relocation of your unit to the next room, floor, building, or even state.

Installations can be as fast as 2 days for a CT and 7 days for an MRI. When it comes to moving your equipment, nothing is too difficult.

Ramp and Shim Services

Medical Outfitters now offer complete system start-up, shimming for preventative measures, and emergency ramping after quenches.

Performance Evaluations

If you have an existing MRI system that requires a performance evaluation, contact Medical Outfitters.  Our engineers will perform detailed diagnostics and provide you with an efficiency rating.  Based on the efficiency rating, a risk analysis will be performed, allowing you to select the proper services needed – reducing or possibly eliminating system down time.

System Upgrades

Medical Outfitters can provide multiple upgrade paths to CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT, SPECT, SPECT/CT and Nuclear Medicine systems.  These upgrades can range from subsystems all the way up to forklift upgrades.  This includes replacement of outdated magnets, coils, consoles, tables, covers, workstations, etc.