These Clinical Image examples showcase the brilliant image quality that Planmed Nuance and Nuance Excel units deliver. Our images show all of the delicate breast tissue structures with optimal contrast. Tailored image processing enables processing to be adjusted to every radiologist individual needs. The image processing utilizes thickness equalization, grayscale optimization, contrast enhancement, edge/line enhancement, skin line enhancement and noise reduction to achieve the optimal image.


Proves that Planmed Nuance Excel meets acceptability criteria of the European Protocol. In addition, it provides information on best guidance in terms of dose and clinical image quality.
The Acquisition Workstation software Nuance Manager 3 is an easy to use software for the technician. It features automatic hanging protocols and simple tools for different tasks. The Nuance Manager 3 is IHE compatible.
Planmed Nuance clinical image

Optimized image processing shows tissue structures well also in dense areas.

Planmed Nuance Excel clinical image

Line enhancement highlights delicate structures.

Planmed Nuance maxview breast clinical image

MaxView™ Breast

Planmed Nuance positioning system clinical image

Positioning System enables maximum tissue visibility to ensure proper diagnosis of the whole breast.