Simple, Affordable, Powerful – A Complete Digital Image Acquisition and Management Solution

The easy to use CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW Classic CR System is easy to install and fits almost anywhere.

This robust distributed CR system produces high-quality images – and has a footprint that allows placement in an x-ray room or x-ray control console room. The Classic CR System utilizes the industry standard for cassette sizes – including 15 x 30 cm for dental imaging, and 35 x 84 cm for long-length imaging.

Compact, flexible and affordable computed radiology

CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR Systems

Designed for small-to-midsize hospitals, clinics and practices that need compact digital solutions at an affordable price. With two options for throughput speed, Vita computed radiography systems offer in-house, high-quality digital imaging to fit your workflow. The flexible orientation makes it perfect for small spaces in offices or in mobile settings.


  • Smaller size and weight
  • Multiple throughputs (30/45 PPH)
  • Ability to be positioned for horizontal or vertical feeds
  • Supports a number of cassette sizes
  • Uses Image Suite Software – easy-to-use platform
    specially designed for the end user
  • Robust Design with a Smaller Size and Weight
  • Compact footprint – perfect for tight spaces in the office or on the road
  • Easy for one person to position
  • Set up horizontally or vertically – whichever fits your space best
  • Can be used in extreme conditions – like mobile applications,veterinary, military or disaster recovery applications

3 Replaceable parts

  • Superb reliability keeps you up and running
  • But if service is needed – it’s fast and simple
  • Fix it yourself with 3 easy-to-install field replaceable units
  • No tools or technical skill needed
  • Or choose full-service repair from a certified technician